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Bringing winds of security

  • Know your weaknesses
  • Be aware of data breaches you may have suffered
  • Get notified of new vulnerabilities and security advisories of technology
  • Be aware of hacking campaigns and potential attacking tools
  • Know when a 3rd party provider suffer a breach or a data leak

CARAVELA is a platform where you can monitor your company threats and cyber risk in a simple dashboard.

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XCUDO can help you from designing a cybersecurity framework tailored to your business profile, to remediation in case of a cyber attack

Threat Inteligence
  • External attack surface analysis
  • Brand abuse monitoring
  • Data leak monitoring
  • Cyber threat warnings
  • Social web profiling
Pentesting your Core
  • Application & Servers
  • Secure Coding
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity Control
  • IT Security Policies
  • Employees Cyber Resilience
Cyber Dojo
  • Cyber awareness
  • Cyber exercises - Red vs Blue
  • Cyber exercises - Capture the Flag
  • Cyber exercises - Tabletop
Cyberspace Fortification
  • Gap analysis
  • Cybersecurity architecture design
  • Deployment
  • Integration
Managed Services
  • Active cyberspace monitoring
  • Cybersecurity incidents management
  • Forensic analysis
  • Remediation


XCUDO Cyber Resilient Community

XCYRC Diagram


XCYRC receives real time information about new vulnerabilities, malware, malicious actors, hacktivism campaigns, information leakage/breaks, and white papers on good practices.


Community members can promote cybersecurity events and workshops, which enables the growth of education and knowledge of new cyberspace trends and technologies.


All members can communicate with the community and launch discussions that can be of interest to other members (e.g.: new protection technologies/methodologies, analysis of new malware strains, combat to hacktivism, leaks, breaches, etc.).


Because smooth seas never made good sailors, XCUDO will help you to cross this huge digital ocean with safety and resilience

XCUDO, pronounced as the Portuguese word “ESCUDO”, stands for SHIELD. We are a Portuguese team of Cyber Security Professionals carrying know-how and the soft skills required to protect and defend you from digital threats. You can count with a vast Cyber Security experience on the banking and telecom sectors, from up to the strategic/regulatory level down to the most technical skills. With a highly ethical driven mindset, we are a team of people who have the knowledge to adapt cybersecurity to business needs. There are no unique solutions so we will build a customized one that best fits your needs.

"YOUR SHIELD EVERYWHERE" is our motto, because we believe the services we can provide are specialized and oriented on efficiency. As for the tech solutions, we will be one step ahead focusing Cyber Security to the biggest point-of-failure - the Human factor. Our main goal is to grow Cyber Security on companies and Individuals who possess the need of secure vanguard technology and a high quality, well-tailored strategic/technical partnership to give some peace when facing this Hacker Paradise Cyber World.

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